Thursday, August 11, 2005

Powdering the Boys

With my first entry in my blog I wanted to talk about, something important to all, of us men, especially those of us that work out doors, that is chaffing. Sweaty, chaffed ballsacks have been the bane of men since cavemen. For me, whenever I am working outdoors for any length of time, it is time to powder up the boys.
Chaffing comes from wet sweaty skin rubbing against skin or clothing. I have found cotton makes it even worse because it absorbs and holds moister. When you powder the boys up the powder absorbs the moister and soothes the skin.
Gold Bon and others make exceptional products for this. I like opening the underwear and sticking the bottle in and giving a few squeezes. Then I use my hand to spread the powder around. It is hard to put too much on but it is possible
***Warning: Unless you want to look like you where sifting flour with your crotch, be careful.
Now there might come a time when you need the powder but can not get a hold of it or maybe you need it to relieve chaffing in a emergency situation. In this case you can use cornstarch. This is base for some powders and can work in a pinch or if you cannot afford the powder.